In Todays Modern Lifestyle

NO Food Coloring
NO Preservatives
NO ArtificialFlavoring
Naturally Grown Market Produce


MARKET CAFÉ located in the up-market area of Tienmou, offers the cutting edge in casual dining experience in Taipei, passionately committed to offering the freshest organic & local ingredients possible: No MSG, No Food Colorings, No preservatives, No Artificial Flavors.

Diners are welcomed to the descending forum steps that lead to chic and casual interior that exudes a resort feel to its ambience, creating the highest quality dining experience in what is one of the greatest indoor and outdoor spaces in Taipei. We are children friendly, geared for the whole familys enjoyment.

The buffet restaurant features an open style kitchen with individual food stations:

• Farmers Market Salad Bar
• Global Noodle Bar

Guests will find chefs in each food stations ready to prepare specific dishes for each clientele. They are proud to serve signature creations made exclusively with authentic ingredients sourced from the appropriate home countries, and developed by a roster of master chefs likewise trained and immersed in true Asian tradition.

Weekday diners such as the busy office personnel or light meal fans will surely enjoy a relaxing light healthy meal before going back to attend the rigors of business life. And on weekends, family and friends can find the atmosphere at MARKET CAFÉ ideally suited for a relaxed and laidback lifestyle.